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Deal or no deal on Rumpke landfill expansion?

Do you want 80 –90 more years of truck traffic, odors, blasting and declining property values? Is that the future you want to live in? Township Trustees have proposed a BAD deal to settle the expansion lawsuit with Rumpke. It’s not over yet!  They haven’t heard from YOU!!! Attend the public hearing on July 21 2014 at 6 PM at the Senior Center

What you can do

Attend the public hearing on July 21 2014 at 6 PM in the Senior Center 4300 Springdale Rd

Call or email your Trustees with your concerns
Melinda Rinehart - 513-385-7500 or email
Dennis Deters - 513-885-4192 cell or email........
Jeff Ritter - 513-373-9640 cell or email

Post about this issue on your Facebook Page, the Township's Facebook page and Twitter.
Help spread the word!

This proposed deal is "garbage".
Let's be sure our trustees know that!


It appears the Colerain Trustees may allow Rumpke Landfill to expand by agreeing to a Consent Decree rather than continuing our case in court. The potential long term impacts of this Consent Decree seem extraordinarily bad. Due to inflation, todays tipping fees could be valued less than a nickel in the future and the million dollar “buy- out” might be worth only thousands.  The dump’s potential negative impact might reduce property values by hundreds of millions of dollars for homeowners and the township tax base. Like borrowing from rent money or retirement funds to cover short term unnecessary expenses – this is a VERY BAD fiscal idea.

With strong support from residents, Colerain Trustees previously denied the expansion of the landfill because it did not fit the long range plans and zoning laws of the township. What has changed? Why rush to settle? Trustees have the same responsibility to uphold zoning laws with Rumpke as they do with residents and businesses. Trustees are urged to slow down and evaluate the long term implications of this short term debacle.   

Rest assured, should this landfill close in about 15 years, your garbage could be picked up and transported to any one of the existing landfills that exist within a 60 mile radius. .

A newly expanded landfill approaches 700 acres and could grow to a height of 1109 feet and may allow dumping for another 80-90 years. Driving on I-275 you might see a hill of garbage as tall as an 18 story building within 300 feet of the property lines. Landfills bring odors, truck traffic, safety issues, reduced property values and continued health concerns. The underground fire currently approaches 57 acres in size and neither Rumpke nor the Colerain Fire Department can determine how it started or how to put it out. 

Trustees are leading us to believe they will now have a seat at the Rumpke table and thus more control.  In reality the township will have no more control then they do today! The proposal to hire a monitor is absurd!  Landfills are regulated by the EPA and the responsibility to operate within the law is the responsibility of the landfill owner alone.  Remember, obeying the law is not a pledge, it is a legal requirement! The Township should maintain an arms-length relationship with Rumpke.

You can make a difference by letting your voice be heard at the July 21 public hearing at the Senior Center at 6 PM.  Please “pass the word” to your neighbors and friends.  Share your concerns with your Trustees at the hearing and / or contact them by phone or email.

P.O.W.E.R feels the potential long term impacts of this Consent Decree are extraordinarily bad for residents. This is a decision from which the township will never recover!  P.O.W.E.R believes this BAD deal is NO DEAL. Uphold our zoning!

Please come to the public hearing and share your concerns with your Colerain Trustees Deters, Rinehart and Ritter. This is the most important decision they will ever make.

We have a limited number of yard signs available for those who want them.

Rich McVay - President
On behalf of
Property Owners Want Equal Rights
Cincinnati, Ohio 45247


July 30, 2013

Colerain Trustees vote to enter into agreement with City of Cheviot to establish the Liberty Nursing Home  Joint Economic Development District. 2001_001.pdf
186.4 KB

May 2, 2013 (courtesy of NW Press)

Shoppers welcome Marshalls to Northgate Mall -
Another Step Improvement in Quality of Life and Improved Property Values for Residents

Shoppers lined up early for the grand opening of the new Marshall’s at Northgate Mall today.

Shoppers collected special shopping bags and were treated to coffee and doughnuts as well as the chance to win gift card prizes every hour once the doors opened.

Carol Nueskabel of Colerain Township said the store seemed to have a lot of merchandise and she had been looking forward to the opening.

Springfield Township resident Kristen Ballou, who won a $50 gift card during one of the half-hour drawings during the grand opening, said the mall needed a store like Marshalls. “I didn’t shop here because it seemed like none of the stores I wanted were here,” she said. “This is great. And the DSW will sure get me here.”

There has been talk, although the mall isn’t confirming it, that a theater may be opening. Ballou said she would much rather come to Northgate than go to Fairfield or Mason to see a movie.

Marshalls, a Massachusetts-based family apparel and home fashion retailer, is sharing the remodeled former Dillard’s store area, with Ulta, DSW Shoes and Michaels. Another junior anchor tenant, Burlington, opened in March. Marhalls has access from the parking lot and the mall.

Carrie Garfield, public relations supervisor for The TJX Companies Inc., which owns Marshalls, said the 27,500-square-foot retailer will bring about 60 full-time and part-time jobs to the area.

The new store will be open 9:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m.-8 p.m. on Sundays.



The 2012 Recycling Statistics reveal that Colerain Township residential recycling rates are less than 5%, ranking 36th out of 44 communities who received funds from the Hamilton County Residential Recycling Incentive.  The higher the recycling rate, the more dollars per ton received. According to the Hamilton County Solid Waste District, residents in Green, Springfield and Colerain townships pay for recycling; however, Green Township aggressively promotes their free recycling drop off centers.  What do YOU believe is the key to increasing recycling rates in Colerain?  Shouldn’t Colerain be at least GREENER than Green Township?

Re-usable cloth bags are a green gift that keeps on giving.  Here are just of few of many places you can find re-usuable bags (and other green gifts).
Reusable Shopping bags
Park and Vine Cincinnati's first green general store

See our Resources & Links page for Recycling ideas and locations.

Since 2010 odor complaints from the landfill have increased by over 400% .  This is most likely due to the subsurface fire in the north end of the landfill that now encompasses approximately 56 acres.

There IS something that YOU can do about odors, but it is CRITICAL that you call in all odor complaints as soon as possible so the Health District can identify the source and more importantly determine the actions that can be taken to eliminate/minimize this impact on our air quality and quality of life. 

Please add the hotline numbers to your cell phone.  If you would like magnets with the numbers for yourself, friends and family, let us know and we will provide them free of charge!
Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:00pm 513-946-7879
Weekends/Evenings 513-946-7777





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